Best WhatsApp Themes to customize your chats in 2022

Officially, WhatsApp does not provide a feature to change the theme. But that doesn’t mean we can’t change the appearance of WhatsApp so it doesn’t seem monotonous.

Because there is a trick to outsmart this, namely with the help of developers. What this means is that we need an additional application in the form of WhatsApp MOD. So we don’t use the original WhatsApp made by Facebook.

The cellphone that we use also doesn’t need to be rooted, so we can try it right away.

First, we will give you how many cool WhatsApp themes you can choose according to your taste

List of Cool WhatsApp Themes

1. Doraemon

Hey, who used to wait every week for the Doraemon cartoon to appear on TV? Hahaha. I am one of them. This Doraemon theme is dominated by blue and white. Suitable for those of you who are really happy with this cartoon.

Get Doraemon Theme

2. Naruto

There are so many Naruto Anime fans in Indonesia, so it makes sense to enter the Naruto WhatsApp theme here. This naruto theme has a black background with the main image of Naruto Uzumaki. The writing is white.

Get Naruto Theme

3. Spongebob

Spongebob cartoons are quite popular in Indonesia. So many are looking for WA Spongebob Themes. This theme has a typical sea blue background, and in the chat room section, you will see Spongebob’s funny face.

Get Spongebob Theme

4. One Piece

Who doesn’t know One Piece Anime? One Piece is an anime that has been around since the 90s, for you One Piece fans it will be very suitable to use this One Piece WA Theme. The One Piece theme is dominated by a dark blue colour with the appearance of some of the main characters of One Piece. Don’t forget the skull symbol is also in this theme.

Get One Piece Theme

5. Green Tosca

This WA Green Tosca theme is suitable for those of you who want to look minimalist and simple. This dark-colored theme won’t irritate your eyes either. And of course, it will be interesting to wear you who like green.

Get Green Tosca Theme

6. Hello Kitty

This pink and grey theme is perfect for feminine women. This theme makes WhatsApp look cute and funny.

Get Hello Kitty Theme

7. Hello Kitty 2

If the Hello Kitty 1 theme is grey and pink, the Hello Kitty 2 theme is more blue and orange. Just looking at it already makes me happy.

Get Hello Kitty Theme 2

8. FC Barcelona

If you are Cules aka Barcelona supporters, then you must use this WhatsApp theme. The color is dominated by the basic colors of the FC Barcelona club, namely blue, red, and yellow. There is also the logo of your favorite club here.

Get Barcelona Theme

9. Black Panther

If you idolize Black Panther, then this theme is right for you. The Black Panther theme is dominated by black which is also suitable for dark lovers.

Get Black Panther Theme

10. Pink Soft

This WA Pink Soft theme can be an alternative for those of you who don’t want to use the Hello Kitty theme because it might feel too childish. Dominated by light pink color, the WhatsApp display will look soft.

Get Pink Soft Theme

11. Minions

Minions have cute and funny bodies. This jail character is loved by Indonesian children. This theme is dominated by black and yellow.


Get Minions Theme

12. Dragon Ball

Children in the 90s would be very happy if this film aired on TV on Sunday mornings, including me hahaha. The Dragon Ball theme is dominated by turquoise green with Son Goku images.

Get Dragon Ball

13. Superman

Superman is one of the heroes from DC Comics who has many fans. Perfect for boys who fantasize about having superpowers. This theme is dominated by red, blue, and white colors which create an elegant impression.

Get Superman Theme

14. Cisne

This theme is more suitable for use by women because it has a beautiful appearance with a mix of Fanta pink, white, and light pink colors. So it looks like a rainbow.

Get Cisne Theme

15. Owls

Having a fierce and fierce impression, this owl WhatsApp theme is suitable for those of you who like horror things.

Get Owls Theme

16. Guitar

This theme is suitable for those of you who like music or like to play the guitar. This theme is dominated by black and brownish-red with guitar images.

Get Guitar Theme

17. Purple Butterfly

This butterfly WhatsApp theme looks beautiful and elegant. Dominated by purple and blue colors describe the impression of luxury.

Get Purple Butterfly Theme

18. Astronaut

This is one of my favorite WA themes because it has elegant, scary, and cool colors. With an image of an astronaut carrying a flag on the moon, this theme is suitable for space enthusiasts.

Get Astronaut Theme

19. Pokemon

Actually, Pokemon characters are yellow. But in this Pokemon WA Theme, the dominance of purple and grey are more visible, so it looks simple and elegant.

Get Pokemon Theme

20. White Floral

This white theme looks pretty and elegant, perfect for girls who like neat things. Because it gives a clean and soft impression.

Get the White Floral Theme